Bead Dazzle 2018 Winter and Spring Schedule
We are very pleased to present our new class and special events schedule. As always we have so much going on! Group workshops, Free Class, special guest teachers- Sandra Lupo and Susan Eisemann, and our wonderful in-house teachers with all new and exciting classes!!!! Please remember, all class supplies are always 20% off!

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Beading 101 w/Jackie, $35
This class is a must for the beginner. Always available, please call to arrange.

Wire Wrapping 101 w/Jackie, $35
Learn how to wrap stones, shells, and sea glass. Always available, please call to arrange.

High Society Crystal Bracelet w/Jackie, $35
Learn how to make this classic bracelet that is sure to get noticed. Swarovski crystals are stitched into floral motifs. Great for the advanced beginner.
March 31, Saturday, 11-2
April 24, Tuesday, 10:30-1:30
May 4, Friday, 1-4

Twist and Stitch w/Jackie, $35
This stunning necklace is done in the African Helix stitch. It creates an intriguing rope using an unconventional technique! You can add a component or a pendant for a classic and sophisticated look.
March 3, Saturday, 10:30-1:30
March 21, Wednesday, 1-4
April 27, Friday, 10:30-1:30
May 11, Friday, 10-4

Ring Toss w/Jackie, $35
In this class you will learn how to make several styles of rings. One is done in the peyote stitch with two different embellishments. The second ring is done in the herringbone stitch; simple yet quite beautiful.
February 21, Wednesday, 11-2
March 17, Saturday, 10:30-1:30
April 7, Saturday, 11-2
May 16, Wednesday, 1-4

Ear Art w/Jackie, $35
Learn how to create stunning and unique wire earrings! You will be taught how to bend and shape wire; think of all the possibilities. This class would be great for the advanced beginner.
February 27, Tuesday, 10:30-1:30
March 20, Tuesday, 10:30-1:30
May 18, Friday, 11-2

The Raven Bead Embroidered Necklace w/Robin, $60
This gorgeous necklace is done in bead embroidery on a bead woven rope. This is an excellent class for someone who wants to learn the art of bead embroidery. The Raven is just the right size and very manageable to complete. There is also an optional chain, woven in a simple one-stitch peyote.
April 21, Saturday, 11-4
May 9, Wednesday, 11-4

Dancing Pearls w/Robin, $35
Hundreds of pearls glow in five tiers of rings, supported by a lattice of tiny seed beads. The bottom edge of this gorgeous necklace can be embellished with a row of crystals or top-drilled pearls.
February 28, Wednesday, 1-4
March 17, Saturday, 1-4

Open Back Bezel Workshop w/Robin, $35
Three stitches, many solutions! The ability to capture a stone or crystal in an open back bezel is an essential bead weaving skill. In this class you will learn to make bezels for crystals or stones using three different stitches- peyote, right angle weave, and nettng. We will begin with Rivolis and then proceed to larger stones.
March 31, Saturday, 1-4
April 18, Wednesday, 1-4
May 11, Friday, 10:30-1:30








Coral Reef Loom Bracelet w/Sue, $60

What a great way to get ready for the summer season! Learn how to make this very fun and beachy cuff bracelet. This loom class is for the intermediate and advanced student. Our celebrity loom teacher, Sue, has created another beautiful and original design! As you can see, one edge is corralling and the other edge is built up in layers to look like ocean waves!!!! Don’t miss the chance to expand your looming skills with Sue.

April 13, Friday, 11-5

May 2, Wednesday, 11-5