Silken Sensation Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is a great project for the beginner; it works up fast. Wear it alone or layer it with another bracelet. This kit uses Two-Hole Silky beads, Super Duos, rounds, and size 11/0 seed beads.

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Silky Delight Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is woven using Silky Beads, O-Beads, Super Duos, crystals, and seed beads. It is a fun and easy design to make and wear.

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Slick and Chic Super Duo Wrap Bracelet

Learn how to make this up to the minute wrap bracelet using two colors of Super Duos. This stylish bracelet is very easy and fun to make. The closure is a button.

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Sparkling Crescents

These stunning earrings are made using 2-hole Crescents, rounds, seed beads, and 3mm Swarovski crystals.  They are easy to make and look great on.

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Super Duo Chandeliers

Stitch these gorgeous chandelier earrings in a flash! You will want one in every color. Super Duos, fire polish crystal, and seed beads make these so fun to make and even more fun to wear.

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Super Duo Wrap Bracelet

One of the easiest bracelets you will ever make, yet so beautiful. Super Duos and seed beads make up this 3 wrap bracelet with a gorgeous metal button.

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The Unexpected Flat Spiral

This stunning bracelet is a twist on the classic flat spiral. The kit also includes directions for making a smaller, scaled down version. Either way, this bracelet is gorgeous in any color combination.

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Tila Pathway Bracelet

Tila Pathway is a great piece for a beginner weaver. You will be using Super Duos, Tila beads, fire polish crystals, and seed beads.

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Woven Drop Earrings

Stitch these sparkling  beauties  in just a short  time.  You will  be  using  2- hole triangles, fire polish  crystals,  and daggers. These beautiful  earrings  can be casual  or dressy.

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